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Kelly and Todd Video

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4th of July Fun at Brother Bill’s

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Jubilee is home

Jubilee is home.  She is as cute as the proverbial button.  Daddy Adam says she makes “Adorable little noises”. And she does.  She is tiny but full term and perfect.  Adam was so tired that I got to drive the … Continue reading

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Jubilee Rymon

“Early labor has started”, Adam says. And I think about taking his Mom to the hospital when he caused the contractions. 30 very short years ago. I hope Jubilee isn’t as stubborn as Adam.  He really put the LABOR in … Continue reading

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Flickr Galleries

Some of my monochrome images. My “Photostream” on Warren County NJ Old Farming Photos on A subset of above focused on Oliver Tractors on

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I was on a road flanked by harvested corn fields. The approach of my car caused a flock of starlings to take flight. I could have parted them with my car but I slowed to match their pace. For a … Continue reading

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Inspired by a similar poem I wrote this.

With the world on a pin, and the wind of stars on your breath, take the universe for a spin, see it’s forever and see its death.   BR The other poem is down the page a bit.  I only … Continue reading

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Old Gibson and Geiger Photos and Scans

This one works on iPad and android.  Gallery links open a new window. Gibson Mobile Gallery  Touch the bar, then touch and swipe photos. The one works only on PC’s The PC version is nicer.  I’m still working on … Continue reading

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Found more Rogers and Rymon slides from1984-5

Scanned some “new” slides.  It appears I took them.

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Geoffrey and Margaret visit Milo

Mobile device friendly slide show here:  

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