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4th of July Fun at Brother Bill’s


Jubilee is home

Jubilee is home.  She is as cute as the proverbial button.  Daddy Adam says she makes “Adorable little noises”. And she does.  She is tiny but full term and perfect.  Adam was so tired that I got to drive the brand new family home to Pottstown.  It is hard to convey how satisfying it was to bring them home for the first time.  To see Linda as in love with little jubilee a I am with not so little anymore Milo warmed my heart, too.

Pretty already!GiGi holding Jubilee for the first time.Pretty already!Pretty already!IMG_0872
Happy Valentine’s Day little Jubilee!


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Jubilee Rymon

“Early labor has started”, Adam says.

And I think about taking his Mom to the hospital when he caused the contractions.

30 very short years ago.

I hope Jubilee isn’t as stubborn as Adam.  He really put the LABOR in labor.

I know Adam and Abigail will feel the same wonder as Jean and I did.

I felt as if my world focused down to just one room.  All the rest did not exist.

Then he was with us, then we were taking him home.

His mom was crying on the way, “We’ll only have him for 18 more years”

Then he and his wife are having Jubilee.




I was on a road flanked by harvested corn fields.

The approach of my car caused a flock of starlings to take flight.

I could have parted them with my car but I slowed to match their pace.

For a few moments I was the last member of the flock.

We moved at the same speed, in the same direction.

For a few moments I matched their pace but not their freedom of dimensions.

I enjoyed being the last starling until they settled back into the field

leaving me once again limited and linear.

Inspired by a similar poem I wrote this.

With the world on a pin,

and the wind of stars on your breath,

take the universe for a spin,

see it’s forever and see its death.



The other poem is down the page a bit.  I only borrowed the first bit, the rest is too dark.

Thanksgiving 2013

Baby Shower

William Blake

From “Auguries of Innocence” To see the world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in a hour. I’m not crazy about the balance of the poem but the first bit is wonderful.

Bruce’s B’Day Party!

I was privileged to be invited to Bruce’s party.  Here are the photos.  Enjoy.

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